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Living Wellology Lifestyle Lamp

                                                                               It's a Lifestyle in Light at Home or Office

Nicolya Christi, "As we approach the Age of Aquarius, we are starting to see the early signs of what will transpire to be incredible technological advances that will rapidly accelerate personal and global evolution. We will also begin to experience extraordinary medical advances which have the potential to eradicate illness and disease and extend the span of human life."

Choose your lifestyle to reduce stress, or one to give you energy to train for that 3k walk for charity, still better dial in anti aging or maybe you're a health nut who wants to infuse your water with nutrients! Meet the futuristic Living Wellology Lamp for home or workplace; and this is just several of many attributes of your new BFF!

  1. Beth Badour and Ed Carlton! #Two #epic #manifestors. #ThisIsTheNewEarthModelforSales, Folks. Such an #heartfelt #experience .
    Beth with her Living Wellology Lifestyle Lamp and wanting an incredible therapist and Ed an incredible therapist with his desire to have the futuristic lamp for personal and for his clients and gatherings. They made each other's manifesting come to life! High frequency conversation here.

     Dr. John Nash Ott, Pioneer of Full Spectrum Light, "My studies have indicated that light is a nutrient, similar to all the other nutrients we take in through food, and that we need the full spectrum range of natural daylight. This is a fact long since proven by science. In 1967, a paper presented by three Russian scientists to the International Committee on Illumination said, “If human skin is not exposed to solar radiation (direct or scattered) for long periods of time, disturbances will occur in the physiological equilibrium of the human system. The result will be functional disorders of the nervous system and a vitamin-D deficiency, a weakening of the body’s defenses, and an aggravation of chronic diseases.”

                                                         Research on Full Spectrum White Light & Other Light Colors


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