"A lifestyle lamp for home or office I envisioned being created  with futuristic applications that are safe, natural, easy to use and sure to create harmony, love, a balanced lifestyle."  Carol Calvert, creator, explains. "Manufacturing and I begin our design with a raw, untreated maple wood six inch circular drum for stability, beauty and balance.  By creating the Living Wellology without finishes to the wood, we leave it open to breathe what is has to come forth from within.  The raw, maple drum base and the six inch crystal circular top are both engraved with the sacred geometry, the flower of life, known for it's physics connection of all of creation with the golden mean formula (from a sea shell, plant kingdom, human and animal body parts design, we see the workings of the flower of life.) "

 "Next, we engineered the Living Wellology to house simply two operating controls beyond the on/off switch.  One for a light color choice for your lamp; the other for a lifestyle setting choice."  RS LED Light choices (tv controls or that of a stoplight)  include red, green, blue and full spectrum white (called in the LED Blub industry as Daylight, or all the colors of the sun at 12pm).  It is long established in science that light affects us positively as living beings, be it human, animal or plant.  Lifestyle Choices are derived from how we interact with everything we come in contact in life with from food, water, what we ingest, smell, hear, touch, who we choose to spend time with, work with, workout with, vacation and study with.  This list goes on in a global society, from how we travel: be it in our cars, by train, by air, internet, cell phone, and many other mobile applications.  We are energy and light beings interacting with energy and light, or lack of and our experiences attest to what we are feeling and being.  Even in ancient times, it was established that frequency impacts our lives in a good, bad or in between way.  So, what if you could choose a lifestyle frequency setting for what environment you want to create:  One = Energy and Performance, Two=Stress Reduction and Calm/Mediation, Three = Antiaging and TimeLess Beauty, Four = Nutriments"?

"#‎The‬ ‪#‎LOVE‬ ‪#‎Lamp‬‪#‎Solfeggio‬ frequencies are ‪#‎ancient‬, were considered healing in early secular music, used by novices who found their way to them online to balance themselves sitting by the computer glaring ohms and ahs and hums. Two Solfeggio frequencies used in secular music were A sharp and C (A sharp being the third eye and C the heart). The ancients knew if they created an arc, or bridge, if you will between the heart and the third eye, while you sat in church listening (and with color therapy in the stained class windows), you would leave feeling lighter, more connected to Spirit and this would create a gathering of community. 528 hertz is C or the heart and also so much more. In the lab, scientists sent in this frequency to tissue with bacterial infection and guess what happened? Yep, conclusion of their findings was 528 hertz repaired the DNA in the tissue. ‪#‎LivingWellologyLamp‬ ‪#‎SolfeggioFrequencies‬ ‪#‎Futuristic‬"  Carol writes on Face Book.

 "Knowing that life throws us curved balls so to speak, with all the harmful EMF's we encounter daily from computers, cell phones, our home appliances, work equipment, cars, the atmosphere chemicals and the list goes on and on.  What if we also added a computer chip that begins the defrags, if you will, of these EMF's. "

 "I am awesomely eager to share with you, that we have in the drum's foundation an OMH pack, a pound power pack of proprietary powder formulation including all the crystals, minerals, healthy sea vegetation, healthy dirt, and so much more.  I will take just one aspect of this incredible formula and share.  One mineral included in our Ohm pack is mined between Russia and Finland, is called Shungite, and has been proven by European scientists to create a biological matrix over anything living so that living thing might harness it's own natural resources around it.  Why wouldn't the Nobel Peace Prize win go to the researchers of Shungite.  As well, the Omh pack is vibrating to 432 hertz which is the frequency of nature!  Imagine that." 

 "Coming home to a lamp that you can have anywhere in your house broadcasting light and lifestyles that bring you and your loved ones, your pets and your plants to the lifestyle balance you choose is quite a futuristic frame of mind, wouldn't you say?  Much like many of the lifestyle innovations for a better life in the 21st Century, the Living Wellology not only can be used at home, you might consider one for your workplace..Ahhhhh!"

#CreatingLivingWellology #ComboOfScienceandLove
incorporating the #lightfromtheSun and #Earth's #Treasures as #organically as possible in a #language your #body #understands!  Links provided at the end of the article for research and knowledge of attributes of our Living Wellology. 

It's really quite scientific to be a home or office appliance just for lifestyle...guess that's what makes it futuristic.  

See, I grew up in a family of scientists, so to speak, engineers and the like.  Well, in fact, if you wanted to gift my mom a plant from your garden, she'd ask you to hold on before digging so that she can use her compass to see to which direction of the sun, that beauty prefers.  Another out of the gate me was teaching as a Reiki Master courses explaining the science behind how Reiki works.  Yes, to my knowledge (and I still haven't met a Reiki master yet who shares this.), I am the only Reiki master I've met who teaches the science of how Reiki works.
So, creating the Living Wellology is in fact my labor of science and love brought to you seamlessly, incorporating the light from the sun and earth's treasures as organically as possible.  My thoughts were, 'Why not provide a lifestyle lamp that moves us closer to listening  to our bodies and relating to those around us in happy, whole and loving ways.... in our homes and offices for us, our families, our pets and our plants?"  Carol Calvert, Wellology Living
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