As we see with Beth Badour, Physical Therapist, personal experience with shifting wellness issues with futuristic ideas is one sure way to invest in new technology!
 As is oftentimes the case, forerunners to invest in futuristic ideas are those who have had much training and experience in the field of study.  Meet Harriet Boone, retired nurse of 45 years, with energetic certifications from Phoenix Vibrational Healing, Quantum Biofeedback, Light Therapy Coach and a Medical Reiki Master for the Operating Room. 
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 No claims, just feel the good life in light at home.  This RGB light (the LED’s in stoplights, your car, your electronic home equipment, and the list goes on) and added organics product has not been evaluated by the FDA.   This device does not claim to cure, prevent, or heal any disease.   If you have a medical condition that requires attention, please consult your medical care provider. 

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on workmanship and operation as intended.  Call for details.

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